Luna Rossa

Company: Luna Rossa was originally named Prada Challenge and is an Italian sailboat racing syndicate, created to compete for the 2000 America's Cup. It was sponsored by Prada, and beginning from 2005 also by Telecom Italia.

Si14 activities: On June 12th 2014 in Cagliari, Sardinia, the Luna Rossa Team welcomed Si14 as an Official Supplier of the Luna Rossa America's Cup Team.
As an Official Supplier, Si14 will be providing vital ICT R&D services supporting the Luna Rossa Team engineering group in the areas of wireless networking and advanced sensor monitors and instrumentation.

GoPro Network Infrastructure Project: development of a network infrastructure where is possible to connect different GoPro with a streaming towards the pilot boat for security, training and foil aerodynamic performance evaluation purposes.
Si14 developed electronic components, an auxiliary enclosure for the GoPro and a software that allows to synchronize all the cameras, use them all together within the network infrastructure and use the different views of a single moment during the post-processing phase.

Anemometer Project: design and development of an anemometer from masthead - made of carbon fiber – based on magnetic encounters and high efficiency ceramic bearings with the aim to measure the speed up to 80kn and with an angle precision of 0.2°. The purpose of the device is the precision measurement of the intensity and the direction of the apparent wind. Si14 developed electronic, firmaware and mechanic components.