Company: Silca is a market leader in the market of key blanks and key cutting machines: its leading position is connected to market share, profitability and customer services and product innovation: Futura - the new electronic key cutting machine - developed thanks to the collaboration with Si14.

Si14 activities: Si14 developed the electronic components and the software for Futura - Silca’s new ground-breaking electronic key cutting machine to copy flat, laser, dimple and cruciform keys - where the interface has been transferred from the machine to a 10’’ tablet.

Futura allows the research through the largest key database available on the market and keep it updated over time through Internet. Thanks to the optical reader, copy by the original and the resistant to wear prismatic cutter, allow the copy of any flat key , ensuring at the same time that the copy will be exactly faithful to the original (there are no key consumption impact).

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