Sirio Panel

Company: Sirio Panel is a Finmeccanica Company controlled by Selex ES. Sirio Panel provides Human to Machine Electronic Controls, Display Solutions and Lighting Systems for commercial and military aircrafts. With over 30 years of experience in aerospace systems with stringent requirements, SIRIO PANEL is committed to technical excellence and innovation providing custom made solution in support of major international programs.
Si14 partnered with SIRIO PANEL in the development of three products: 1) the Network Area Storage (NAS), 2) Thigh pad for Tornado’s pilots and 3) the Instrumental Landing System (ILS)

Network Area Storage Project: development of an hard disk for helicopters both for the civil and military use: it is a Network Area Storage that allows the storage of critical information such as flight plans, cartographies, aircrafts parameters. Those data are then available – through Ethernet or AFDX – to the on-board equipment. Si14 developed the electronic and firmware components of the NAS, which is currently installed in Agusta Westland aircrafts.

Pilot thigh pad Project: analysis, design and development of a pilot thigh pad – currently used by Tornando’s pilot of the Italian Air Force. The thigh pad allows the view of maps, GPS and other information useful also in case of ejection from the aircraft. Si14 developed the electronic and firmware components of the thigh pad.

Instrumental Landing System Project: development of an Instrumental Landing System, a device capable of guiding an aircraft in an autonomous landing instrumental. The device is currently under the approval process for the use in the Aermacchi aircrafts. Si14 developed the electronic and firmware components of the ILS.